Knott’s Scary Farm

I actually ended up going to Knott’s Scary Farm twice this year. Somehow, between the two passes, I still didn’t end up visiting all of the mazes! I really enjoyed the atmosphere more than anything else–I felt that the actors jumping out at folks across the park combined with the fog and screaming teenagers really made the whole experience an absolute delight for the horror enthusiast!

At first, I thought that one of the actors had simply fallen and hurt himself, but it turned out that they had been dressed in knee, shin, and elbow guards so that they could fall on the ground and spark without injury. I had initially been asking folks if they were alright–so embarrassing!

Over the course of the week, I will try to review one “maze” per day. I don’t really like the term “maze” as applied to the experiences at Knott’s because you really can’t get lost (clearly marked employees lead you in the right direction—kind of destroying the effect but useful nonetheless). It would be amazing if there was an actual maze—I keep imagining The Shining and actually think they should just adopt that theme for the “Wendigo’s Revenge” experience, as that maze started out really well but then got thematically confusing.

Overall, I would suggest focusing more on theming—some of the mazes really just did not make sense thematically. While I enjoyed them, I felt that some, especially “Paranormal, Inc.” and “Voodoo: Order of the Serpent” really jumped all over in terms of content. It seemed like people in wolf masks were all over, even when it didn’t make sense—take note, “The Gunslinger’s Grave: A Blood Moon Rises” (long title much?).

My partner will kindly be offering a review of the only maze that had too long of a line/my friends had too little an interest in for me to have visited, namely “Special Ops: Infected.” Given that my partner and I are still sticking with The Walking Dead, chances are pretty good that we are both predisposed to love it, but I’m watching the walkthrough video just in case.

Stay tuned.


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