Knott’s Scary Farm: Tooth Fairy

Going into this ride, I was really having trouble not thinking about some of the horror movies about tooth fairies, such as 2003’s Darkness Falls and 2006’s The Tooth Fairy. I honestly feel like I’m remembering a more recent film that is based on some sort of mythical entity that bestows fun things on kids (but clearly not the Easter Bunny or Santa) but can’t remember. I remember that it wasn’t good though.

Also, those other two films look awful. Maybe Darkness Falls was scarier back then because I was youngish but I really feel like there must be some other scary tooth fairy movie out there. I re-watched the short film that it’s based on because it honestly seemed more thematically similar (a real tooth fairy vs. someone just called that). It’s creepy despite the bad acting, so I’m including it here:

If you know another scary tooth fairy film, please share in the comments!

Anyway, I had a vague notion of the tooth fairy as something scary. And, if you look at the advertising for this maze, it also looks pretty terrifying:


I liked the idea of an evil tooth-obsessed monster. I’m only human.

When I entered the maze, it immediately became clear that the theming was more “evil dentist”-oriented. Theoretically, I understand why dentists might be scary. After all, they have tiny sharp instruments that they can cut you with while you are unconscious (waking up to tiny cuts all over–HORRENDOUS). I thought of Joshua Malina as a rapist/murderer dentist in the first season of American Horror Story.

But, like that episode (ep. 9: “Spooky Little Girl”), I just wasn’t really scared by it. I guess maybe that says something good about my overall dental experiences.

If you want to see more of what I’d been imagining, just Google “scary tooth fairy” and look at the top images. Spooky.


The description says that the maze includes a “black out room,” which I frankly don’t remember–even watching the walkthrough, I don’t know what they are talking about:

I just don’t see it–maybe that slightly darker section about two minutes in? It looks darker in the video but was really easy to navigate at the time. Also, I don’t remember the strobe light they promised. I didn’t have to feel my way out through anything… And the other element that the description focuses on is the tooth fairy at the end who just kinda reminded me of Ash in Evil Dead 2.


But, despite that, there were some fun ideas in this maze that probably made it my second favorite.

Sound Effects

Even if you just listen to the video above, you will probably be creeped out. The sound effects were pretty great overall–there was the constant sound of drilling (which is hard to place until you see the drills) combined with an eerie, children’s music–like a jack in the box or merry-go-round, and what sound like moans or screams. It was just really creepy.

And loud. The noise was loud enough to make the experience unpleasant, which, I felt, actually made the horror easier to feel as well.

Kind of like Artaud’s theatre of cruelty–you assault and heighten the senses and subconscious feelings and fears emerge.

An example of Artaud’s work (okay, I warned you–it is creepy!):

Use of Space

Firstly, I really liked the retro look of the wallpaper in the fake house where all this was going down. It felt very The Shining-esque in terms of being all 70s-y and repetitive. That, with the long hallways, really made me think of that film (okay, they were mazes, so I was thinking of Kubrick’s adaptation all night).

Then there was a kid’s bedroom leading out through a door surrounding by blood and teeth.

Good transition. Like we are literally at the “mouth of hell.”

Plus, there was this one space that made us crouch down to get through. There was a wire cage around us and the sound of teeth clacking together, again attacking the senses to creepy effect. I would have suggested someone climbing over the cages and grabbing at us or something else visually but I still enjoyed the effect.

Very claustrophobic! Though, what did it mean thematically? I think the dentist was supposed to have a hamster or something…? There’s another cage earlier on in the waiting room that’s just lying on its side open.

But I still don’t get it.


So, it kept switching between people dressed as children (I get it-some of you find them scary, but I tend not to be creeped out by kids unless they are meowing), dentists with assistants, people with gas masks on (doesn’t Novocaine just make you happy? like…laughing gas so… not scary?) and what appear to be people in masks with blood near the mouth. I just didn’t find any of them scary at all. None of the actors really scared me except one little girl, whose lines were great–but she wasn’t there the second time I went nor is she in the video, so clearly she was a ghost.

Ghosts are always scary (more on this in my review of “Paranormal Inc.”)

Again, I was more impressed by the decorations and sounds than anything else. The corpses bleeding from their mouths and the piles of teeth were awesome both thematically and in terms of creeping me out.

Mostly though, pick a theme. Either it’s an evil dentist or an evil tooth fairy. And, if it’s an evil dentist, don’t expect us to have forgotten Little Shop of Horrors and, most likely, laugh:

And, why butterfly pinning? That just seemed out of nowhere if the tooth fairy wasn’t an actual winged creature…

The Final Scare

So, the tooth fairy at the end was just not scary. He looked like a muscular dude with a large drill for an arm. Like Ash or the Big Daddy from Bioshock:


Who, incidentally, is far scarier in context than in that picture…

I just looked through the end of the video I posted, and that was apparently the maze in 2014, which was similar enough for me not to have noticed until the end. Apparently, the jump scare at the end wasn’t working when I was there–I just looked at a 2016 video and there was a whole thing that wasn’t some random guy with a drill. I’ll try to find what I saw but will plan on recording next year.


There were two points that really worked for me–I loved the child’s room with the actor warning me about the tooth fairy, and the part where you crouch down. The second time I went through this maze, there was an error in the child’s room but I really enjoyed the different size of the spaces nonetheless. You definitely felt very cramped at times, such as when you are forced to crouch down.

I definitely enjoyed this maze but that may have just been because the line was so short. Also, the line was probably short because it was really, really hard to find. I kept ending up in the “Voodoo” line.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5–confusing but still scary. Work on theming and improve it for next year?

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