Short Horror Film Reviews

I am going through the two lists posted by Deburke321 listing the scariest horror films before checking out some other lists.

I’ve already finished:

I watched all all of the films in their entirety.

These movies included:

  1. Don’t Move (2013, UK)–13:56
  2. Alexia (2013, Argentina)–8:55
  3. Bedfellows (2008, USA)–2:31
  4. Play Time (2013, USA)–3:06
  5. Snap (2015, France)–4:31
  6. Cam Closer (2013, Sweden)–2:23
  7. Bedtime (2015, UK)–2:19
  8. 2AM: The Smiling Man (2013, USA)–4:09
  9. Skypemare (2013, USA)–7:12
  10. Playing With the Devil (2014, USA)–7:10

Now I’m working on the second list:

After which, I’ll rewatch the films one more time and offer some reviews. Most of them are pretty short, so I’ll also try to note run time and embed the films.